Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ice Cream Kind of Day

Today was an ice cream kind of day.  Today I also had the chance to see friends I have not seen for weeks!  And when you combine friends with dessert it is hard to find something wrong with the day.  These wonderful friends are, in fact, part of the reason I love to bake; whenever we are together we seem to end up at my house with a batch of cupcakes in the oven.  However, today it was hot- much too hot to bake.  So we decided on ice cream.  Ice cream cones really, since we didn't have the time to make ice cream.

These ice cream cones are made on the panini press, which I thought to be ingenious.  I found the recipe here a few days ago and realized that I needed to try these.  They were a bit trickier than I imagined they would be, but we got a few good cones out of our efforts!

My panini maker does not have an adjustable heat setting, so we had trouble keeping the right temperature (it got too hot after it had been plugged in for awhile).  The timing was also tricky to get just right.  Just over a minute seemed to be about right.

Overall though I'd say it was a successful attempt- we got two delicious ice cream cones!  I wish I had put something in the bottom of the cone, such as a bit of chocolate, to prevent the ice cream from dripping down though!

Not only did I have a wonderful time seeing my friends, our dogs got a chance to say hello too!  "Mr. Darcy" and "Gatsby" bonded over their literary names with wagging tails.

Enjoy another wonderful summer weekend!