Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charlevoix The Beautiful

For every summer since I can remember my family and I have spent several weeks each summer in Charlevoix, Michigan where my grandma lives.  Charlevoix is an absolutely marvelous little town in the northern part of the lower peninsula situated right between Lake Michigan, one of the big beautiful great lakes, and Lake Charlevoix, a smaller but still beautiful lake.

We spend most of our days in Charlevoix at the beach, but we also love to wander down Bridge Street which is Charlevoix's main street.  Bridge Street, named for the drawbridge which separates Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix, is sprinkled with cute shops and cafes stocked with the most delicious treats.

Our first stop was The Taffy Barrel, a local candy shop that carries old fashioned candies and salt water taffies.  What makes this shop so special is their presentation of the candy; the Taffy Barrel uses actual barrels do display the taffy!

Our next stop was Murdick's Famous Fudge.  This fudge shop has always been one of my favorite parts of Charlevoix; they make the fudge in the same rooms it is sold, so it is always fresh.  When I was little I loved watching the fudge being formed on the big, white marble tables right across from the display cases filled with delicious already-made fudge.

Finally, we visited an adorable little shop called Cherry Republic.  At Cherry Republic you can find everything from cherry salsa to chocolate covered cherries and cherry dog treats.  The store had an old-fashioned look to it and offered samples to nearly every product- delicious!

Even though there wasn't any sun, it was a beautiful day on Bridge Street in Charlevoix, and now we have lots of goodies.  It is hard to go wrong with delicious, old-fashioned taffy, fudge, and cherries.


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