Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Story

The story of The Cupcake Suite is one that originates in New York City, where six friends are nearing the end of their freshman year.  But before they can feel the freedom of summer and even before they have to brave the battle known as final exams, they have to survive a battle that may be even more stressful.  It is known as the housing lottery.  They are a hopeful bunch, though, and stick together, deciding on suite selection.  The process of suite selection includes an online registration where each member of the prospective suite join the group online.  It also requires a name for the group.  Now, one of the six friends (guess who) is rather fond of cupcakes- obsessed, her other friends might say.  But they don't mind too terribly, as long as they are able to have some of the pastries she talks about.  Well it was nearing the deadline for the group to be submitted to the housing system, and a name had not been suggested yet, so that one friend decided to name it herself.  And thus The Cupcake Suite was born.  The friends were incredibly lucky to actually secure a suite together in the housing lottery, so the cupcake suite did not have to be broken up.

So yes, next year I am living in a corridor which is officially, in the university housing system, referred to as The Cupcake Suite.  Not a bad deal, right?  Now I will just have to bake enough cupcakes in my little kitchen to prove the name suits the suite.  I am quite excited.


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