Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

It has been awhile since I have baked cupcakes, but since all of my raspberries from Michigan and their complimentary baked goodies are all gone I decided it was time to bring out the cupcakes again.  I have been eying this recipe from How Sweet It Is, one of my favorite food blogs, and decided that there was no way I couldn't make this recipe.  It has sprinkles in it, come on.

It was a super easy and straightforward recipe.  Basically you just make a simple vanilla cake and add sprinkles.  Same deal for the frosting, simple vanilla frosting, add sprinkles.  The end.

But they are so adorable to look at, and delicious to eat of course.  Vanilla is one of those flavors that I really love, but don't end up making really at all because it just seems so plain.  Not when you add sprinkles.

It also happens to be one of my great friends' birthday (a friend who is one of my fellow Cupcake Suite residents), and tomorrow is another one of my dearest friends' birthday!  These can certainly double as birthday cupcakes; they definitely remind me of the kind of cupcake you would bring to school for your class on your birthday back in lower school.  Except these taste nothing like those pre-packaged grocery store cupcakes.  They are more delicious and even more adorable.

Enjoy, and Happy Birthday Tim and Erica!

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