Thursday, August 4, 2011

Splendid Shortcakes

Raspberry desserts are my favorite, but raspberries and chocolate are even better.  Since we went berry picking a few days ago we had plenty of raspberries to use, we just had to decide on a recipe.

On my mom's suggestion, I made these Chocolate Raspberry Shortcakes.  They turned out to be quite excellent and different from other desserts I usually make.

You start out by mixing up a dough similar to that of a scone. Like a scone, it doesn't use too much sugar and is mostly butter and flour.

I really had to work it together with my hands to get the dough to stick so I added an extra splash of cream in order to form the balls of dough.

Since the recipe only makes two servings, I doubled it but made six shortcakes.  They turned out to be a pretty good size this way.

They came out of the oven wonderfully light, although a bit more cracked then I would have liked.  For this reason I decided not to cut them in half and serve the berry sauce inside.  Instead, I just spooned it on top and added some whipped cream.

And voila- a fancy (but actually very easy) chocolate raspberry dessert- Chocolate Raspberry Shortcakes!


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