Thursday, September 1, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Today I spent the afternoon in Georgetown, one of my favorite places in DC, with one of my favorite people.  We had lunch at an adorable crepe cafe, and although we were eaten alive my mosquitos, we enjoyed our crepes.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Georgetown looking for cute shops.  We ended up visiting several tea shops, and I ended up buying a bit of tea, so when I got home I, of course, had to brew some.

We stopped at a couple different tea shops, but our favorites by far were Capital Teas and The Spice & Tea Exchange.  In these shops there were little jars of each tea that you could open up and smell.  It was quite an aromatic experience, and when we walked out of the shops the smell of Georgetown, although not unpleasant, seemed a let down after the wonderful aromas of the tea shops.  I ended up buying a small bag of looseleaf 'Mountain Jasmine Tea' from The Spice & Tea Exchange and a tin of looseleaf 'Roasted Almond' tea from Capital Teas.

I was excited to try both of the teas, but the smell of the Roasted Almond was simply too intoxicating to pass up.  The description of the tea reads "A box of cookies in one cup; roasted nuts, caramelized almonds and baked apple pieces; our #1 best-selling infusion!" and it certainly lives up to the hype.  It is probably the most unique tea I have tried.  The smell is absolutely heavenly, and that smell translates very well to the taste, unlike some teas.  Also, it made a beautiful bright pink cup of tea- a wonderful and unexpected surprise!


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  1. This looks amazing... where are these places?! I definitely want the roasted almond stuff. It sounds delicious. <3