Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lavender Honey Cupcakes

So as witnessed by my previous post about my adventures on Lavender Hill Farms, I have a bit of lavender kicking around my kitchen.  Well obviously I had to make cupcakes.

One of my good friends had found this recipe from Kitchen Chronicles awhile ago, and we had already been planning on making them.  It was even better to know that I had fresh, hand picked lavender to use!

The cupcakes came out beautifully.  They didn't rise too much in the cups, so I probably would fill them a bit more next time and only make 10 or so rather than the 12 the recipe calls for.  Other than that they were absolutely perfect.  The lavender adds such a special and unique flavor, and the honey cream cheese frosting is to die for.

And by the way, they go fantastically with a good cup of espresso.



  1. Your Cupcakes look beautiful! I cooked those Cupcakes I also found on the same blog, weeks ago. But mine really didn't came out well... So I tried again but changed the whole recipe. You can find it here :
    Maybe you'll want to try this adaptation!

    1. Are you able to translate your recipe Sebastien? :)